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Grammarly:The Next Big Thing in Writing a Blog

Just like any writer, you want your articles to have perfect spelling and grammar before you publish it for the whole world to see.

First impressions count, and if readers encounter many errors in grammar and spelling in your posts, they may bounce off your page.

Back in the day, proofreading was done by writers themselves or their editors. Today, there are online tools that can help you with your spelling checks and grammar issues.

The next big thing in writing a blog are tools like Grammarly which is one of the most popular and best products in the industry today.

Grammarly can double check spelling errors in your blogs and clear up comma placement issues. You are also not limited to using the tool for your blogs alone. It can spell check and grammar check your email and social media posts as well.

If you are a writing perfectionist, this tool is a must-have for you. Every business owner and freelancer should consider having the tool to sharpen the content in their marketing efforts.

How Much Do You Invest with Grammarly?

Grammarly is a software that enhances your writing. It is not limited to correcting spelling and checking grammar. You will encounter red and yellow underlines that flag spelling and grammar errors similar to Microsoft Word, plus you get word choice suggestions to improve your writing style.

From being an accurate spell checker, Grammarly has fine-tuned their brand as a software that encourages writing enhancement.

As a premium user, you not only get writing checks, you can now set goals, track your progress, detect plagiarism and improve your vocabulary.

The Free version is a great tool for basic corrections on spelling and grammar and gives hints on other mistakes you made.

Premium takes it to a whole different level and at $29.95 a month it’s an investment worth spending on for serious writers out there.

You can get a lower rate if you choose an annual purchase.

Grammarly is on top of the heap and outperforms competitors like Whitesmoke and Writers Workbench regarding functionality in editing and reference tools.

Grammarly has also earned awards like Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Grammarly is available for MS Office, a Chrome web app, a Chrome plugin, an app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Users love the basic functionality of Grammarly which makes writing easier. Spelling mistakes, sentence structure, punctuation issues, wrong word usage, plagiarism are now a thing of the past with Grammarly.

It’s easy to use, all you need to do is copy and paste your work into the app or software and let it do the work. You can view scores on how well you wrote and see areas where you can improve your writing.

The interface of the software makes it easy to view the document and the grammar or word choice suggestions found on the right side.

As a Chrome plugin, you can say goodbye to email and social media post mistakes in grammar and spelling. A red underline appears for possible errors while using Chrome for posting on social media or sending an email.

A Beta version is now functional with Google Docs which gives an improved spell checker compared to Microsoft Word. The Beta functionality is limited to spelling and grammar errors for now.

Like any other software, you can’t expect Grammarly to be perfect. There are times when you still need to use your own judgment when correcting mistakes.

The software will sometimes flag a word or offer suggestions that don’t fit the context of what you are writing about. This means that you should not just accept and apply all the corrections.

The document checker doesn’t retain the formatting once you copy and paste it into the app or software which may be annoying for some users.

The software has good educational tools that you can take advantage of. The Personal Writing Handbook analyzes and tracks every document you edit and gives you a detailed report of what you can improve.

Your strengths and weaknesses are shown which helps you improve your writing skills in the long run.

Grammarly is a time saver for any freelancer or business owner. You can save yourself from worrying about writing mistakes and focus on other aspects of your business. Efficiency is achieved especially if you come up with a ton of content for your website or business.

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