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Tips In Choosing The Best Press Release Distribution Service

Content marketing is one of the pillars in marketing strategies in today’s digital marketplace. You need to figure out your brand’s purpose, analyze vendors and measure success. This is a job that can be too complex for the ordinary business person. This is where hiring a press release company can come in handy.

There are many options for you to choose from and they vary based on the services they can offer and how well they can help you achieve results.

You need to know what you need before you start looking for press release companies. This will help avoid missing the goal and get services that won’t help your objectives at all.

We share a guide from Cision showing us tips on how you can pick the best press release distribution provider for you.

What is your desired outcome? Do you have a single goal or a lot of benchmarks?

Having a third party covering your press release reinforces the story your brand is trying to share. According to Nielsen, consumers trust earned media compared to paid media.

You should choose a press release service provider that has a history of providing the best news and a proven track record with media outlets.

Your provider should offer direct delivery into newsrooms of major media outlets. They should have the ability to target influencers through email. A good press release provider can connect industry experts and brands with the media so that they can work hand in hand in writing great stories together.

Look for social sharing tools in the web pages of your press release, visit http://carpetcleanerdublin.com/. Being able to share on social media gives you added exposure so you should look for a provider that integrates these tools in their distribution.

High search visibility is essential so that your release can reach your target audience. Your provider should have a high search engine authority in this aspect.

Who Is Your Target Audience?    

Your press release distribution provider should provide the following:

  • Ability to target local, regional or national markets. Press releases have different audiences based on the content of the release.
  • Can target specific industries or niche. Reaching certain journalists in a particular sector or send releases to websites that cover industry-specific markets
  • Help in increasing your brand awareness and maximize the results of your ad campaign. The provider’s site should have millions of visitors and high ranking in search engine results.
  • Distribution options when it comes to multicultural markets. There should be plans on how to reach specific ethnic targets like Hispanic, Chinese, African and Native American.  
  • Go beyond borders and meet international communications needs like local language distribution and tapping key media outlets based on country and industry. Translations should be offered primarily for markets that only understand news written in their native language.

What Features Do You Want?

  • Customizing content is a great feature you should look for in a provider. They should allow making your release more attractive and interesting by including subheadlines, bolding and anchor texts.
  • Photos and videos should be allowed to be embedded on your release. Adding multimedia content like infographics and audio clips have been proven to increase views.
  • It would be a bonus if your vendor could also provide added services that you may need in the future. Media mentoring, video production, media placements, international distribution are some of the things you might need help with in your future marketing plans.

Service Level Expectations

Look at the credentials of the team involved in managing the company. Do they have the credentials and experience to back up their claims?

Your provider should offer a secure and user-friendly submission process. It would help if a 24/7 customer service hotline is available for crisis situations.

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