SPI 323: How to Get Affiliates and JVs to Promote for You with Matt McWilliams

If you’ve listened to the show before, you’ve probably heard me talk about affiliate marketing. But what about the other side? What if you have a product—like a course or a new book—that you own and you want other people to promote it? How do you find those people? What should their commission be? Learn the answer to these questions and more with today’s special guest Matt McWilliams.

Every time I’ve done a joint affiliate promotion over the last few years, Matt’s been there. In fact, he’s been behind some of the largest collaborative affiliate promotions I’ve ever been a part of. He’s helped promote Michael Hyatt’s products and a few others too, helping them make millions of dollars in the process. He’s here today to tell you how to find people to become affiliates for your products, even if you’re just getting started.

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