SPI 319: How to Work Less & Make More with James Schramko

James Schramko is as passionate about surfing as he is about working less, earning more, and helping people learn how to do exactly that. If you’ve ever wanted to design a truly fulfilling lifestyle, you’re going to want to take notes, because that’s what James is all about.

James has been rocking it in online business for ten years now, and quite literally surfing the world at the same time. He’s been able to design the lifestyle he always wanted with http://www.nulookhomedesign.com/, but that didn’t happen overnight, and James strives to share what he’s learned. Whenever I hear him speak I’m at peak attention—his methods and mindsets are so powerful and inspirational.

James is also the author of the new book Work Less, Make More, and that title pretty much sums up what he’s all about. James has shaped the lives of thousands of people by helping them build the lifestyles that they want to live.

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