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SPI 314: From Clients to Passive Income – Productize Your Business with Brian Casel

Now we’ve got a return appearance in the wonderful past guest – Brian Casel. I’ve had lots of folks asking me to bring him back to discuss the way to take your home-based company and turn that business into a product, or into something which can be scaled and automatic. We are going to cover all of that, and the way to hire for and manage your productive company, why Brian is delving into the applications field and much more!

For example, we are going to be speaking about how to get over the fear of hiring or being a manager for the first time, so that you’re not the one doing all of the work. The target is to have folks or applications or other tools that may get it done for you so that you may find a small bit , work on the bigger decisions for your company, or take some time away. That is at the heart of what passive income is about!


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