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Minimum Wage Waitress to Full Time Blogger in 9 Months – How I Did It!

Hello! Today, I have a great guest post from Carly. Carly is a “completely computer-clueless stay at home mom, which is made possible by the fact that she’s also a full time blogger – writing mostly mom stuff and blogging tips” – at

I see these sorts of headlines, and I roll my eyes.

I’ve always been somewhat of a skeptic.

Actually, I don’t like that word.

Let’s say realist.

I’ve always been somewhat of a realist. I’m fully aware that nothing amazing is just going to fall into my lap, my life will be largely what I make of it (and what I can make of life will probably always be a little bit dictated my my circumstances). This isn’t a negative thing – this is just REALITY. And I’m ok with reality!

I figure it’s better to just accept reality and keep both feet on the ground.

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