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How Kayla Earns $10K/Month From Home as a Virtual Assistant

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend, Kayla Sloan. Kayla is a full-time blogger, virtual assistant (VA), and project manager who earns over $10,000 per month while working from home. She is also the founder of $10K VA, her new program where she teaches exactly how you make a consistent $10,000 per month as a virtual assistant too!

Kayla used to work a full-time job as a credit analyst, earning about $2,000 per month. She was struggling to make ends meet while paying off debt, so she started a side hustle as a virtual assistant.

In our interview, she shows how she was able to grow her business from part-time to full-time and now earns 5 figures per month from the comfort of her own home. She also shares how this is a great way to make money on the side or even as a full-time career.

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