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How I Went From A 480 Credit Score To Over 750

Hello! Today, I have a great guest post from Paul Martinez on how he cleaned up his credit and removed 104 negative items from his credit profile. He also went from a credit score of 480 to over 750!

In 2008 my world came crashing down. I went from being a multi-millionaire on paper to being $1,000,000 in collectible debt within a few short months.

At the time, I was running a $5,000,000 a year mortgage brokerage, and due to this credit market crash, 80% of our revenue evaporated in 2 months, yet our expenses stayed the same. 

In addition, I had dozens of real estate assets, and I could not meet the payment obligations. 

To be expected, my credit score dropped to around 480.

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