how should Ms. DD & I hook up? Poll Results for:



how should Ms. DD & I hook up?
DD tops Sinclair, which means I show up packing, tell her how hot she is in her skirt, and bite her shoulder while unhooking her garter ... wearing my cock the whole time, keeping hold of it, and I will likely end up with my ass in the air52.2%94
Sinclair tops DD, which means DD shows up in a short dress without panties, has Jameson on ice waiting for me at the hotel room, she sucks my cock and I get to fuck her however I want33.3%60
We switch ... we wrestle for dominance, one of us takes control whenever we can ...13.3%24
Another suggestion? Leave it in the comments. She has promised to go along with the blog vote!1.1%2
total votes: 180
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