Discover the Benefits of Selenium in Brazil Nuts; Why it’s Called a Superfood

Do you know that Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium? Selenium is a trace element that is not common in your everyday diet.

One to two Brazil nuts daily are already beneficial to your health. Munching on these nuts everyday is even better than taking a selenium supplement. This is why it is one of the Superfoods that you should always have in your home.

selenium brazil nuts

Selenium is an essential micromineral that performs special roles in the body. It is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage to the cells.

Joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid and skin issues, such as psoriasis and acne respond well when adding more selenium in the diet. But, do you know that it’s not all that it can do? Taking a regular dose of selenium can solve a lot of health problems.

Benefits of Selenium in your health:

The micromineral is an important element in several body functions, including immune, antioxidant defense and thyroid hormone metabolism..


Brazil nuts are known as an anticancer food because of its high levels of selenium. A low level of this element in the body can cause a problem in the glutathione peroxidase production that is important for cellular detoxification.

A low production of glutathione peroxidase can lead to cancerous cellular changes. A study found that taking oral selenium supplements can lower the risk of cancer.

Improves moods.

Selenium is a proven micromineral that helps improve moods and averts depression. A research found that selenium therapy can lift the mood and prevent anxiety and depression among volunteers who have the conditions.

Enhances the heart health.

Eating small amounts of Selenium Brazil nuts can improve the health of your heart. Aside from selenium, Brazil nuts also contain calcium, potassium and magnesium that are essential to keep a healthy heart.

Another benefit of Brazil nuts is unsaturated fats that raise the level of HDL cholesterol. This type of good cholesterol is important to safeguard one from stroke and heart attack.

Protects against thyroid problems.

The thyroid system maintains the heart rate, body temperature and metabolism. Selenium is important to produce and utilize thyroid hormones properly. By eating Brazil nuts regularly, it helps to have a healthy and working thyroid gland.


Brazil nuts can help prevent inflammatory diseases due to its intrinsic anti-inflammatory properties. The selenium in the nuts helps fight against free radical formation and inflammation. Researches have shown that eating one nut a day is enough to provide its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Selenium in nuts has antioxidant properties that boost the effect of vitamins C and E on the skin. Eating regular nuts can help fight the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Natural testosterone enhancer.

Several studies have shown that eating Brazil nuts everyday can increase the levels of testosterone among infertile men. Aside from selenium, Brazil nuts are also a good source of amino acid arginine, healthy fatty acids and zinc that are important components of steroidal hormones like testosterone.

Brazil nuts are known as an aphrodisiac for men and women. Some research also found that eating two to three nuts daily delivers a good improvement in their testosterone levels for people who have selenium deficiency, bodybuilders and athletes.

How much selenium is in Brazil nut?

The amount of selenium in any plant-based food depends on how much selenium is present in the soil. Brazil nuts that are popular in the Amazon contains 543.5 micrograms of the selenium for every ounce of the nuts. The recommended dietary allowance(RDA) for selenium is 55 micrograms.

Eating one to two pieces of the nuts is the recommended amount to provide adequate health benefits. One to six is still ideal. However, people should watch out not to consume more due to selenium toxicity known as selenosis.

The safe level of taking selenium is 400 micrograms per day for adults. Selenosis can cause fatigue, mood changes, skin rashes, nausea, diarrhea and hair loss. It can also lead to neurological issues including kidney, heart failure and respiratory impairment.

Due to the health benefits that Brazil nuts provide, it is now a common item in most groceries and supermarkets. When buying nuts, pick the ones that are not rubbery when you bite, firm to hold and don’t smell.

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